Laws Are Written By Ignorant Old People

The e-annoyance law is a perfect example of a law created by old people for which a root cause analysis should be done. In fact I feel that a root cause analysis should be done on any legislation that is proposed with regards to the limitation of technology to see if it is based in ignorance of technology based possibilities. The root cause of this law is the ignorance of a large group of older americans who by not learning technology because of fear never assumed responsibility for their own user experience. Insteading of accepting personal responsibility and using technology to counter annoyances they now once again avoid that responsibility by way of introducing stupid laws which younger generations will have to deal with. Until the baby boomer generation dies off we are going to become less intelligent before we become smarter but then hopefully each generation will become smarter in a stairstep kind of mental evolution.

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail | Perspectives | CNET


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