A Good First Step for Microsoft Server Philosophy

This is a move in a good direction for Microsoft which will enable enterprises which need to scale legacy Microsoft based server applications to run more than a single licensed instance. But I have to be clear about my take on the world of Microsoft server products: Exchange Server and Active Directory services necessitate using Microsoft but not much else does including ASP.NET which is quickly being outpaced first by LAMP on the outer edge of networks but soon by technologies like Ruby On Rails – even for traditionally smaller businesses. I feel like the only future for Microsoft is in its Office product, delivery of a new 64 bit OS based on Unix, and open sourcing of much of their technology stack. As big Steve says, “Developers, developers, developers…” and we are a tired bunch when it comes to Microsoft in light of the responsiveness of technologies like Ruby On Rails and LAMP. Sorry Steve, unless you make dev fun again and less of a chore I am switching!

Redmond | Redmond Report Article: Virtual Server Farm in a Box


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