Jerry A. Taylor is an Idiot

That’s Tuttle not Buttle! CentOS almost sounds like Central Services. But in all seriousness where do people like Jerry A. Taylor get off in treating any technology person this way? I have to say that it is super unfortunate how irate some people get towards IT or technology people whose mission is to help.

If I were the engineer here in this one I would have immediately complied with Taylor’s original request by contacting Vidia and asking them on the behalf of CentOS to remove the entire operating system from their server and to contact any other domains on that server to notify their administrators that the operating system was being removed due to official request from The City of Tuttle via Jerry A. Taylor the city manager under FBI threat. This in turn would probably cause lawsuits or at minimum a ripple effect of much greater magnitude and perhaps send the lesson: find out or wait to be given the details before you open your mouth in misplaced anger! – News – CentOS in the News – It’s L-i-n-u-x, that is an Operating System


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