One of Each

So I finally went out and bought my true portable; a black Macbook that I quickly maxed out with 2GB of RAM. It is my policy now to just max out a laptop with as much as it will take since they always seem to run better. I am one step closer in my ‘one of each’ plan that will eventually put a solid machine of each type in my studio/home office. So why the switch to Mac? Well, I have been primarily a windows developer and now my focus in on web technologies and databases; since OS X is unix based the Macintosh platform is a sensible choice. Though the various linux distros have come a long way and Ubuntu probably would install on my current windows laptop fine… nothing beats the feel of a piece of harware and software that were designed to go together rather than thrown on a machine in generic fashion… the moto “stuff just works” is really true. So to make a long story short… my faith and enjoyment in the platform have returned and I don’t feel so bad about Steve laying me off back in ’97 during the last days of Gil Amelio and the MacOS licensing effort.


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