Finalscratch 2

I have been sick and finally got to the point of feeling useless so I decided to rearrange my studio space and give Stanton Finalscratch 2 a good honest try. My housemates have been fiddling with FS2 for awhile now and I haven’t been all that impressed. Scratching a few records and playing a mishmash of styles is not the same as what I do: house, techno, breaks/electro with long drawn out dramatic mixing. Now I know that Hawtin and Aquaviva have been early adopters and their sets are inspiring but I just had to see for myself. The Guitar Center sales guy actually recommended Serato from Rane but I haven’t heard much about looping and MIDI ability out of that software… just that it tends to be more stable and accurate. FS2 is a workable system and I can say this: It takes less effort to adjust to the difference of records vs. FS2 than it does between a technics 1200 series turntable and a Vestax turntable. I’m happy with my purchase and look forward to producing some tracks specifically for playback using Finalscratch 2.


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