One of the iBorg – A switch to Mail and Safari

I can now understand why despite the simple and lousy interface that folks really love Mail in OS X.First let me back up and say that with a degree of sadness I am going to have to grab any important emails from Thunderbird and uninstall it. I require that an email client work with Gmail without problems and Thunderbird hit some kind of message limit and regardless of reinstall will not download any messages past a certain date. I want local copies and Thunderbird’s failure to work even after reinstall has me switching to Mail.I have to admit that Mail appeared too simple to satisfy my needs however it is FAST and it downloaded a huge cache of my past emails from Google’s servers. After installing the Letterbox add-on which presents the interface in three panes the task of sorting through a few thousand historical emails went much faster than I had expected.I can see an iPhone in my future and it just proves that I should experience my Macbook fully with an eye toward user experiences rather than feature experiences. Is it faster? Do things get in the way? Am I more effective?In anticipation of iPhone and with my recent choice to embrace Mail and the very fast Safari browser it looks like I will be taking another look into iCal, Address Book, and a full life using the Apple software integrated approach. 


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